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Pub Closed - What to do?
25th March 2020
 1 min read

So Covid-19 is generally blighting life in many ways, confining us social creatures (some less than others, like me) to barracks. Up and down the country, there will be countless folky souls who aren't getting their fix of beer imbibed musical jollity, and missing out on the occasional hurrumph or round of applause from locals trying to nurse a pint in peace.

Surely tech can help this, I exclaim!, given I seem to spend my working life on conference (and the occasional video) calls. Well, not quite. We've not found a live stream yet that fits the bill and is usable (ie low latency).

Instead, we've opted for the pass-the-parcel approach where someone leads the tune with a recording, and others listen/record. Then with a bit of tech trickery (Final Cut) we splice the footage together to create the whole.

Here's the first attempt:

And subsequent one as we drag more keen folks into the merriment:

A welcome evening distraction and a great opportunity to play with people I've not seen for a while.

Hopefully further adventures to follow!