The ramblings of an IT Professional, Long Distance Runner, Creative, and Maker of Stuff.
Site terms and conditions


This site is simply a platform for my various content creation sources (blog, YouTube, Instagram etc), and to bring them together in one place, for the purpose of "this is me", sharing, and a hint of tech experimentation.

Content & Copyright

This is not a commercial site, nor is it attributed to or endorsed by any vendor, company or employer. The material is all original and my own unless otherwise cited or referenced.

Fair Use Policy

Content on here is publicly accessible, and hence I'm not taking any steps to prevent content theft. Purely as I've learned loads from others and hence I want to pass that learning on. However, don't be dick!, if you value the content, drop me line, cite me as a reference, as I'm always happy to share.

Data Capture

This site does use Google Analytics to capture page views and data pertaining to the regional origin, browser, OS of the user - ie stock GA functionality, solely for the purpose of me understanding interest and possibly being influenced to shape functionality and content accordingly.

No other data is captured and no data is provided to any other parties, free or paid for.